Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Agents Paying Forward - The Concept behind


The agents on this site have pledged to make a difference in the world and you can too. Welcome to Agents Paying Forward, a FREE site developed for agents who want to "pay it forward" to their designated charities and help support the communities in which they serve.

Each agent featured on this website has elected to contribute to one of the many worthy charitable organizations listed on this site. Every transaction an agent closes will generate a donation to his or her preferred charity. The more business the agent does, the more the charity receives - it's that simple.

Changing the world may seem heroic, but leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and many others have demonstrated that one person can make a huge difference: think of what many agents can do collectively!

Attention Consumers - the agents on this site have pledged to make a difference in the world. By working with the agents on the site, you can do your part and make a difference. Help a charity by working with one of these agents! Paying it forward helps so many needy and deserving groups, at no cost to you.



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