Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another New Charity - The Pajama Program

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Some of my earliest memories involve running down the hallways, and then sliding on the hardwood floors with my pajamas with the feet on them: it was fun and I'm smiling as I write this. A friend of mine, Lori Wadhwa, told me about a charity I had never heard about: The Pajama Program. It's a great program with a mission that just seems too make too much sense. After all, how can we allow children to not have the basics of pajamas when they go to bed! Here in America we can afford to go to Starbucks, spend money on video games, and bail out banks, but we can't afford to put pajamas on kids? Below is a brief description of the Pajama Program, but go to: to learn more about this worthy program.

The Pajama Program started with personal contributions from Genevieve Piturro, her friend Alice Quirk, and their friends and relatives. Across America Pajama Program works with various Agencies to provide new pajamas and books to children in need, and children waiting to be placed in permanent homes.

The Pajama Program is a not for profit organization that provides new, warm pajamas and books to children in the United States, and around the world. These are youngsters who may not know the comforts of a mother or father to tuck them into a cozy bed, and read them a bedtime story.

When you join or, please consider "paying it forward" for the Pajama Program - let these kids have pajamas so maybe they can have memories of sliding on their own hard wood floors.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ling Tseng has Pledged to Paying it Forward

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Agents Paying Forward

I wanted to let you know that I have pledged to make a difference in the world, and you can too. I’ve recently joined Agents Paying Forward, a program developed to help many worthy charitable organizations

Starting now, every transaction I close will generate a donation to my designated charity. The more business I do, the more the charity receives - it's that simple.

By working with me, you can do your part to help change the world. You don’t even have to support my designated charity: you may want to support another charity – just let me know! I just want to encourage paying it forward in order to help so many needy and deserving groups.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding buying or selling real estate. Call me today and let’s make it a better tomorrow!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pay It Forward - Around The World

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About a week ago I received an email from Sarah Godber from England, and I was surprised by the fact that the internet makes the idea of paying it forward international. I hadn’t thought about or being international, so I added the “international” button to allow for an international presence (we'll do more in the future). AgentsPayingForward and are designed to help non-profits, schools, and churches all over the world – not just America. Joining is free for both participants and charities, and our intention is to encourage networking and charity in one fell swoop.

Every country has people who need help, and I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t think in a broader manner. I asked Sarah Godber to join, and also to describe why she reached out to me. Read the information below, and you will see why I want to help Sophie. Help pay it forward for people like Sophie: Paying it Forward isn't just for America - it's the right thing to do in any country!

"Sophie is our wonderful daughter who has an extremely rare genetic condition called " Congenital Muscular dystrophy Merison Deficient." (CMD). This is a life limiting, muscle wasting condition. It means she has a low muscle tone, which makes her very floppy and she has to spend most of her time in a wheelchair.She will lose her ability to walk as she grows older and heavier, as her muscles are unable to cope with a greater strain. Sophie has already had serious falls resulting in broken bones due to this weakness.This condition also affects her respiratory muscles and in the future she may need to rely on oxygen ventilator for support It can also effect her heart, as it will find it harder to beat as the muscles weaken.Sophie also suffers from Scoliosis which is a unnatural curve in the spine. In CMD Scoliosis develops because the weakened spinal muscles are unable to support the spinal column. Because of this Sophie is facing Major Spinal Surgery. At present there are no cures or treatments. The doctors don't know how long we will have our beautiful daughter in our lives. Because of this we want to give the very best to Sophie and make sure every day counts. We have set up a personal Fund for Sophie. Our aim is to raise funds to pay for life enhancing equipment and activities.Sophie is a very special girl who has an infectious energy. We are so proud of her and love her deeply. Join our quest to help give Sophie the life she deserves!"

After hearing from Sarah, we were able to post the SophieGodberTrust on to and now on to as one of the charities to be supported. Please consider helping Sophie by "paying it forward" for her - I promise you will feel amazed how you feel after helping a little girl like Sophie.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We have a NEW Facebook Group

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The FacebookPay It Forward” Group exists for the intention of promoting the idea of “PAYING IT FORWARD” in all aspects of your life: PERSONAL AND BUSINESS.

Paying it forward means, instead of paying somebody back, you help somebody else out by “PAYING IT FORWARD”. You also promote the idea that the recipient should also pay it forward, and, through repetition, a lot of good things will happen. “PAYING IT FORWARD” is an opportunity to gain the satisfaction of helping somebody, but also to promote the idea of “GOOD KARMA”.

Paying it forward is not only a good way to help people, but it’s also a great business model. Many people realize that people are “ATTRACTED” to people “OF SERVICE”. By giving away items of value, people begin to gravitate to your direction. Furthermore, trust is established. By helping your potential clients (and existing clients) through paying it forward, you can grow your business – and database. Remember, the value is often in the “list”.

By joining the Facebook Pay It Forward Group, YOU get the OPPORTUNITY to be part of a group of like minded people who are truly “OF SERVICE”. The opportunity to NETWORK for CHARITABLE endeavors and for BUSINESS is the GOAL of this group.
JOIN US TODAY, and tell us how YOU WANT TO PAY IT FORWARD, who YOU WANT TO SUPPORT, and how OTHER MIGHT HELP YOU. By working to “PAY IT FORWARD” together, we can RE-SHAPE how BUSINESS and NETWORKING are done.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Disabled Sports Who They Help

A brief interview with Charlotte, one of the students who participates at Disabled Sports Adaptive Ski Program in Lake Tahoe. Charlotte is 10 years old, and is fearless. Charlotte shows why you should help support Disabled Sports, and Dave, her instructor, shows the type of people who work to help make sure students like Charlotte have a great time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Is How Networking Should Be

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Here's how networking, and paying it forward can really work together. Jeff Frazier with Wells Fargo Mortgage approached the California Chapter of the American Lung Association, and told them he wanted to "pay it forward" for them. After explaining to them what he was talking about, Jeannie and Robert from the organization, said great! It turns out that the American Lung Association is kicking off their "Healthy Air Walk Campaign". Jeannie and Robert told Jeff they would tell their database about joining AgentsPayingForward, and also about Jeff. If Jeff gets more business, the American Lung Association will get more donations - consider it an ethical bribe!

Read the information below about what great work the American Lung Association is doing, and consider supporting them when you join If you are looking for a loan, consider contacting Jeff Frazier with Wells Fargo Mortgage (916) 591-3268. This is now networking and paying it forward can work. More importantly, this is how you can help one of the many great charities on the AgentsPayingForward site.

The American Lung Association of California in Sacramento is thrilled to join the Agents Paying Forward movement!

Here is a bit of history on the ALA:

The American Lung Association is the leading public health organization fighting for rights to clean, healthy air through advocacy, education and research. Founded as the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis in 1904, we launched a nationwide effort to cure tuberculosis (TB) through education, research and advocacy, which became the model for today’s public health programs.

By 1954, the death rate from tuberculosis was less than one-fiftieth of what it had been in 1904 thanks to effective public health policies and medications, developed in part through research funded by the association. In 1956, board members voted to expand the association’s mission to include other respiratory diseases.

At that time, evidence was mounting about the health dangers posed by smoking. When the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report was issued in 1964 outlining the health risks of tobacco use, the association was well on its way to developing what would become model quit-smoking programs and public education campaigns.

Air pollution was also becoming a serious public health issue in the 1960s as more cars, trucks and buses continued to fill our newly built highways. In 1973, the organization changed its name to the American Lung Association to reflect its mission to fight all threats to lung health that we continue to fight today.

One great fact I learned just a few days ago is that we are the #1 Public Health Organization leading the fight against global warming! Fighting for environmental issues that affect our air quality is crucial to lung health.

Sacramento's premier event for the American Lung Association is the Healthy Air Walk. This year's Walk will take place on May 16th from 9:00am to Noon at Howe Park in Sacramento. Held in communities across the state, Healthy Air Walk events bring together people who want to improve life, one breath and one step at a time. Healthy air is vital to everyone. We all need it to breathe, live and thrive. For people who already have trouble breathing, like those with lung diseases such as asthma, lung cancer and COPD, healthy air is even more critical. Every step we take now toward improving air quality gets us closer to a world free from lung disease.

You can find out more at the following links:

We hope you will join us to fight lung diseases and promote lung health by taking a stand against air pollution! Because we all deserve the right to breath CLEAN AIR!
In lung health, Jeannie Howell, Development Manager, American Lung Association of California. - 916.554.5864 ext.241 | Contact us | P: (916) 709-6101 |