Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We have a NEW Facebook Group

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The FacebookPay It Forward” Group exists for the intention of promoting the idea of “PAYING IT FORWARD” in all aspects of your life: PERSONAL AND BUSINESS.

Paying it forward means, instead of paying somebody back, you help somebody else out by “PAYING IT FORWARD”. You also promote the idea that the recipient should also pay it forward, and, through repetition, a lot of good things will happen. “PAYING IT FORWARD” is an opportunity to gain the satisfaction of helping somebody, but also to promote the idea of “GOOD KARMA”.

Paying it forward is not only a good way to help people, but it’s also a great business model. Many people realize that people are “ATTRACTED” to people “OF SERVICE”. By giving away items of value, people begin to gravitate to your direction. Furthermore, trust is established. By helping your potential clients (and existing clients) through paying it forward, you can grow your business – and database. Remember, the value is often in the “list”.

By joining the Facebook Pay It Forward Group, YOU get the OPPORTUNITY to be part of a group of like minded people who are truly “OF SERVICE”. The opportunity to NETWORK for CHARITABLE endeavors and for BUSINESS is the GOAL of this group.
JOIN US TODAY, and tell us how YOU WANT TO PAY IT FORWARD, who YOU WANT TO SUPPORT, and how OTHER MIGHT HELP YOU. By working to “PAY IT FORWARD” together, we can RE-SHAPE how BUSINESS and NETWORKING are done.

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