Friday, March 20, 2009

Pay It Forward - Around The World

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About a week ago I received an email from Sarah Godber from England, and I was surprised by the fact that the internet makes the idea of paying it forward international. I hadn’t thought about or being international, so I added the “international” button to allow for an international presence (we'll do more in the future). AgentsPayingForward and are designed to help non-profits, schools, and churches all over the world – not just America. Joining is free for both participants and charities, and our intention is to encourage networking and charity in one fell swoop.

Every country has people who need help, and I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t think in a broader manner. I asked Sarah Godber to join, and also to describe why she reached out to me. Read the information below, and you will see why I want to help Sophie. Help pay it forward for people like Sophie: Paying it Forward isn't just for America - it's the right thing to do in any country!

"Sophie is our wonderful daughter who has an extremely rare genetic condition called " Congenital Muscular dystrophy Merison Deficient." (CMD). This is a life limiting, muscle wasting condition. It means she has a low muscle tone, which makes her very floppy and she has to spend most of her time in a wheelchair.She will lose her ability to walk as she grows older and heavier, as her muscles are unable to cope with a greater strain. Sophie has already had serious falls resulting in broken bones due to this weakness.This condition also affects her respiratory muscles and in the future she may need to rely on oxygen ventilator for support It can also effect her heart, as it will find it harder to beat as the muscles weaken.Sophie also suffers from Scoliosis which is a unnatural curve in the spine. In CMD Scoliosis develops because the weakened spinal muscles are unable to support the spinal column. Because of this Sophie is facing Major Spinal Surgery. At present there are no cures or treatments. The doctors don't know how long we will have our beautiful daughter in our lives. Because of this we want to give the very best to Sophie and make sure every day counts. We have set up a personal Fund for Sophie. Our aim is to raise funds to pay for life enhancing equipment and activities.Sophie is a very special girl who has an infectious energy. We are so proud of her and love her deeply. Join our quest to help give Sophie the life she deserves!"

After hearing from Sarah, we were able to post the SophieGodberTrust on to and now on to as one of the charities to be supported. Please consider helping Sophie by "paying it forward" for her - I promise you will feel amazed how you feel after helping a little girl like Sophie.

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