Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Is How Networking Should Be

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Here's how networking, and paying it forward can really work together. Jeff Frazier with Wells Fargo Mortgage approached the California Chapter of the American Lung Association, and told them he wanted to "pay it forward" for them. After explaining to them what he was talking about, Jeannie and Robert from the organization, said great! It turns out that the American Lung Association is kicking off their "Healthy Air Walk Campaign". Jeannie and Robert told Jeff they would tell their database about joining AgentsPayingForward, and also about Jeff. If Jeff gets more business, the American Lung Association will get more donations - consider it an ethical bribe!

Read the information below about what great work the American Lung Association is doing, and consider supporting them when you join AgentsPayingForward.com. If you are looking for a loan, consider contacting Jeff Frazier with Wells Fargo Mortgage (916) 591-3268. This is now networking and paying it forward can work. More importantly, this is how you can help one of the many great charities on the AgentsPayingForward site.

The American Lung Association of California in Sacramento is thrilled to join the Agents Paying Forward movement!

Here is a bit of history on the ALA:

The American Lung Association is the leading public health organization fighting for rights to clean, healthy air through advocacy, education and research. Founded as the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis in 1904, we launched a nationwide effort to cure tuberculosis (TB) through education, research and advocacy, which became the model for today’s public health programs.

By 1954, the death rate from tuberculosis was less than one-fiftieth of what it had been in 1904 thanks to effective public health policies and medications, developed in part through research funded by the association. In 1956, board members voted to expand the association’s mission to include other respiratory diseases.

At that time, evidence was mounting about the health dangers posed by smoking. When the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report was issued in 1964 outlining the health risks of tobacco use, the association was well on its way to developing what would become model quit-smoking programs and public education campaigns.

Air pollution was also becoming a serious public health issue in the 1960s as more cars, trucks and buses continued to fill our newly built highways. In 1973, the organization changed its name to the American Lung Association to reflect its mission to fight all threats to lung health that we continue to fight today.

One great fact I learned just a few days ago is that we are the #1 Public Health Organization leading the fight against global warming! Fighting for environmental issues that affect our air quality is crucial to lung health.

Sacramento's premier event for the American Lung Association is the Healthy Air Walk. This year's Walk will take place on May 16th from 9:00am to Noon at Howe Park in Sacramento. Held in communities across the state, Healthy Air Walk events bring together people who want to improve life, one breath and one step at a time. Healthy air is vital to everyone. We all need it to breathe, live and thrive. For people who already have trouble breathing, like those with lung diseases such as asthma, lung cancer and COPD, healthy air is even more critical. Every step we take now toward improving air quality gets us closer to a world free from lung disease.

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We hope you will join us to fight lung diseases and promote lung health by taking a stand against air pollution! Because we all deserve the right to breath CLEAN AIR!
In lung health, Jeannie Howell, Development Manager, American Lung Association of California. jhowell@alac.org - 916.554.5864 ext.241



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