Sunday, April 5, 2009

People Connect with Agents Paying Forward

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For this blog, I am going to compare The Women’s History Museum and Educational Center to the Wyatt Earp Museum. The Women’s History Museum and Educational Center continues to thrive, while the Wyatt Earp Museum closed their doors. I believe if those of us who believe in a Pay it forward system connect with each other, we can help more and more museums and non-profit organizations thrive.

The Women’s History Museum and Educational Center focuses on three things: Reputable link partners, such as North County Times and Tinkem Museum of Art; keyword density, such as ‘women,’ ‘history museum,’ and ‘history reclamation project;’ and getting people involved, through community events. Good SEO content drives traffic to their Web site, which leads people to signing up for their e-mail list, which leads to e-mails about events, which leads to more members and more donations.

When I compare the Wyatt Earp Museum to the Women’s History Museum and Educational Center, I notice well written SEO content and reputable link partnerships on the Women’s History Museum and Educational Center Web site that the Wyatt Earp Museum Web site does not focus on. Rather than focusing on a few key words, repeated over and over again, the Wyatt Earp Museum uses various words and terms scattered through their site.

Since the Wyatt Earp Museum Web site does not consist of many pages, it does not give Web spiders and Metacrawlers much to search. For that reason, they would do well to do two things: add more pages with more content, so the Web spiders and Metacrawlers can search through a deeper bed of keywords; and develop better link partnerships, other than and

While I hope the Wyatt Earp Museum finds a new home soon, I fear they will not unless they take lessons from organizations like the Women’s History Museum and Educational Center. I fear various non-profit organizations will lose funding, unless they focus on keyword density and developing link partnerships with reputable organizations that will drive users to their Web sites, get people involved in their organizations, and lead to more donations and more funding.

So that is where my vision for People Connect comes in. I would like to develop a team of people, who believe in the potential of these organizations, and organizations just like them throughout the United States. People Connect will consist of reputable professional all over the United States, and perhaps even beyond, who believe in getting things done through a pay it forward model. For those who want to help a favorite non-profit, through a more indirect pay it forward model, Tom Ash, founder of Agents Paying Forward and ACN paying Forward, offers ways for people to continue to do what they love while offering a portion of their earnings to non-profits they designate.

If you want to get involved with People Connect, Agents Paying Forward, and/or ACN Paying Forward, or If you are a museum or other non-profit organization, I encourage you to contact me or Tom Ash. Many of these organizations cannot pay that much money; though, I believe if we develop a pay it forward model, and connect people to people, we will reap the rewards.

Until next week keep connecting,
Erick Pettersen

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