Thursday, September 10, 2009

Connecting Readers and Writers

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Today I wanted to let everyone know about my latest efforts at connecting with others here in the San Diego area. Many of you know that I am a writer, and somewhat connected in the local writing community. Of course, I have a long ways to go, but I am a voracious marketer, so it’s just a matter of time. This last week, after several months of working with other local authors and publishers, I and other local writers, along with Monkey C Media launched

From the very beginning, this NPO's focus has been to use various marketing tools, such as author readings and signings, to bring local readers and writers together. For the last several years San Diego has boasted of thriving yet disparate writing community. You would not need to look far to find one or another writing organizations. Read Local San Diego seeks to bring a cohesive effort to all of these writing organizations, as well as those authors and readers either involved with or not involved with those various writing organizations.

For anyone in the San Diego area, here is a list of writing organizations where you can connect with other writers.

Read Local San Diego

Publishers & Writers of San Diego

San Diego Writers Ink

San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild

San Diego Writers Cooperative

African American Writers and Artists

Fantasy and Science Fiction workshops

San Diego Writers Conferences (Includes Los Angeles and Palm Springs)

Romance Writers of America, San Diego chapter

San Diego Book Awards Association

San Diego Professional Editors Network

San Diego Science Writers Association

San Diego Writers and Editors Guild

UCSD Extension Classes

Words Alive

San Diego Writers Online

So, those are many of the groups that Read Local San Diego (The first on the list) seeks to brings a cohesiveness to. I’m sure if you looked you would find various writing and reading groups within the pages of the websites I listed. Peruse them and enjoy. I am not involved with every group or many; though, I have gotten to know some wonderful writers through those organizations I am involved with.

And if anyone from RLSD, PWSD, or SDWI, as well as anyone else who loves stories and is in San Diego, reads this, make sure to come to the DimeStories anniversary party on Fri (10/2).

Until next week keep connecting,


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