Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Game Time

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When I was in high school, the guys on our basketball team wore t-shirts that read:

“You can walk the walk. And you can talk the talk. But can you play the game?”

Peyton Manning can walk and talk as big as any of them. This last Sunday, Drew Brees showed that he and the New Orleans Saints may not have been able to boast about as many accolades as the Indianapolis Colts; though, when it came to game time, they could play the game better than the Colts.

In sports, it’s important to brush it off and get back up. For 16 weeks, and then some, if a play went wrong, or they lost a game, the Saints did just that. They brushed themselves off, got back up, planned ahead, and played the game. Brees and the Saints had one goal, and they kept their eyes on that goal.

In much the same way, the Internet is my playing field, I am Drew Brees, and I know exactly who my Peyton Mannings (competitors) are. My days are getting busier. Just last week, I gained some link partners. In preparation for my upcoming busyness, I am looking and planning ahead. If I don’t prepare for game time, I am going to get blind sided.

It’s important to know who the Peyton Mannings in your way are, but it’s also important to know who your Reggie Bushes, Jeremy Shockeys, Offensive line, and other teammates are. That means joining networks (meetup.com), getting out there, and shaking hands with people. Just as SEO content and social media marketing complement each other, social media marketing complements actual networking. Social media marketing does not end where the wires to your computer end, and neither do your efforts to play the game well.

Before the game, you can boast about how many unique visitors your site gets, or how many sites link to you. You can walk the walk. And you can talk the talk. But when it comes time to game time, can you play the game?

Well, can you?


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