Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Art of Forgiveness

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Blog posting by Erick Pettersen of People Connect

Currently, I am working on a novel I call a psychological-memoir. The storyline will be that of a psychological thriller; however, it will carry elements of my life. The theme will be that of personal and social forgiveness, rather than being a religious theme.

The idea came to me after I heard someone say that sometimes what holds us back from achieving our full potential is the bitterness we hold onto. We allow that bitterness to grow inside of us and pervade our lives. After a while, we grow accustomed to the bitterness, and it begins to affect those around us.

In my book, the protagonist (Michael) goes back to ask for forgiveness from someone from his past. He comes to believe he can only overcome the guilt that plagues his life by seeking out the person he offended and asking for her forgiveness. At the same time, Rebecca, who has come to live with the effects of this heinous sin committed against her, goes on her own journey to try to erase the memories of her past. The story is about each person’s search for forgiveness, whether we need to ask for forgiveness from someone or we need to forgive.

Forgiveness is an issue I believe we all need to deal with at one level or another, whether with another person or people group. It is an issue that holds many of us back from becoming the best we can be, connecting with those around us, and achieving our dreams. Today, if you want to connect with someone, in your personal or professional life, but you just can’t seem to, consider that maybe un-forgiveness keeps you from making those connections.

One last thought. Forgiveness does not require forgetfulness; it only asks you to let go and move forward into a better you.

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