Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Qualities of Leadership

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Blog posting by Erick Pettersen of People Connect.

This last weekend, a national audience viewed a great example of how not to connect.  At the end one of the greatest upsets in sports history, the leader of that team left the game without shaking the hands of the players on the other team.  The day after that event, that player faced accusations of his unsportsmanlike like conduct, excused his behavior rather than accepting responsibility.  In the same way that a player or coach walking off of a court without shaking the hands of their opponents shows something about their character, any business person who does not conduct him/herself in a team like manner reveals something about their character.

I played high school baseball, and my coach told us that we practice like we play.   Everyday we dressed in full uniform and practiced like we played.  Over a three year period (I transferred my sr. yr.) we went 29-1 during the regular seasons.  I believe ‘presentation is everything,’ and I surround myself with people who also follow that principle.

It is important that you practice like you play; though, it’s just important that you surround yourself with others who also practice like they play.  First, always dress in full uniform.  Everyday, I wake at 5, take a shower, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee, and read.  Everyday, I make sure I’m working in a clean room with a made bed.  I work at home, and my clients don’t care what I or my room looks like.  They only care that I get the job done.  The environment we create for ourselves begins at home.

Whether you are self-employed, an employer, or a co-worker, the people on your team are part of your environment just as much as your daily routine.  The clients you attract is evidenced by the team you create, and the team you create is evidenced by how you conduct yourself in all situations.   

Since that sports upset this past weekend, Sports analyst have begun to question the future of that one player and that team.  I suspect that like other teams that have experienced major upsets, how that one player conducts himself in the months and years to come will determine the future of that organization.  In the same way, if you are a leader of any type of organization,  how you conduct yourself in all circumstances will determine the future of your organization.


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