Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Appreciating Simplicity

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Life seems so fragile. In the last few months, so many of us have experienced death in one way or another. Whether a friend or loved one, or someone we knew or knew of, or a public figure who influenced us, it seems death has impacted so many of us. Today, we lost Senator Ted Kennedy, and it only seems right that I encourage everyone reading this to enjoy what and whom you have.

It is so simple to not appreciate the simple things. I wonder if perhaps we might begin to become a more appreciative people—realizing we are not invincible. Of course, I fear that just as we became a nation of humility in the months following 9/11 then soon allowed ourselves to go back to business as usual, we may remain silent for a time but will soon allow the chaos to deafen that silence.

Next Monday will be the 25th anniversary of the day Drs. released me from the hospital. Many days, too many in fact, I forget to be thankful for the Drs. and nurses who fought to save my life, the person I will never know who gave blood for my transfusion, the parents of other patients who helped my mother, my Aunt Linda for moving her and her then 5 yr. old son to San Diego from Spokane to help my mother with my recovery. Most days go by just like any other day. But some days I am thankful for my sight, ability to walk, and so many other things. I try to be thankful every day, but most days it's just business as usual.

Amidst all of the death that has loomed over this nation in the past several months, and even in recent years, don’t forget to appreciate what you have. It all fades so fast. I guess my point is to appreciate life, don’t take it for granted, and never let the chaos around you deafen the silence of humility within you.

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