Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pay It Forward Withhout Spending A cent!

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So Many Ways To “Pay It Forward”

I was talking to one of those people that I always get a take away from, Danielle, and she shared with me a great idea for paying it forward. Danielle has always impressed me with her “old soul”, and wisdom beyond her years. Like many, Danielle shared that she doesn’t have as much money to spend as in times past (I think many of us can say the same!).

Danielle shared with me how she was in line at Macys, and the lady in front of her had almost $200 for the bill. The cashier told the woman that she needed a coupon to save $40. The woman didn’t have the coupon, but Danielle did.

Danielle carries numerous coupons with her all the time, and was happy to share the coupon with the woman (that’s her nature). The woman tried to decline, but Danielle insisted telling her: “I have tons of these for just such occasions”. The woman was appreciative, and Danielle felt good about “paying it forward” without spending a dime!

After I heard that story this morning, I thought what a great idea. There must be other ways you can pay it forward, and also probably do it without spending a dime. Think about it, and, if you come up with a good idea on how to pay it forward cheaply, please share – consider it another way of paying it forward!

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