Wednesday, January 21, 2009


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A while back I wrote a post about Nick and Millie stasuc. Nick and Millie were the ones who came from Romania around 25 or 30 years ago now. They had bought a home in Lincoln, CA for $250,000 around 1986, and had put down $50,000 (back when $50,000 meant something). I had done a loan with Great Western Savings for them, and the lender could not believe somebody could make $60,000 a year selling produce at Denios. Nick and Millie just laughed when they spoke with the underwriter, and said how easy it was for them to make money here - it just takes work (something to think about).

I was greeted by this message from Active Rain (I"m deleting the person's contact info):

Hello there ! My name is Mike Nula and i am from Romania ! I have found on a google search your story about Nick and Millie Stasuc ! They are my godmother and my godfather and i would like to keep in touch with them ! I didn't saw them since year 1999 i think ! If you can help me with their adress to send them a Christmas letter or if you can send me their yahoo messenger id or their e-mail i would be very happy ... this is my e-mail adress : (deleted for security) , and this is my yahoo messenger id : (deleted for security)... if you still are in touch with them please give them my e-mail adress so they can contact me ! Thank you very much for your time and i wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

I have to admit, that I'm constantly amazed at technology. This morning was one of those days that I was kind of dragging, but still got up early to go for a bike ride. Anyway, before the bike ride, I got a cup of coffee at Starbucks and went to check messages. I just started a new venture called (shameless plug) dealing with loan modifications, short refinances, and also networking with Realtors for Short Sales - please take a look and let me know what you think of the idea.

Anyway, I was hoping to see some new messages when I saw the one from Mike. It's a true testimony to the efficacy of the internet and Active Rain. I have to admit, the message just changed my whole demeanor. I went from dragging, to totally psyched that I could touch a life in Romania. I wrote a note to my Mom, and she is going to bring the information over to Millie at Denios where she still works. Pretty good way to start the day, and it gives you confidence that Active Rain can help you do business - and maybe even bring families back together (that's paying it forward too).

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