Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who is Toma Ash?

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I was born in the Bay Area, and went to school in San Diego. I graduated in 1984 with a Business Economics degree, and went to work in the mortgage business upon graduation. I’ve been in the mortgage business since then, and have enjoyed relative success. However, I had some health issues that had me step back for a while. While trying to get my health back in order, I took some time to do some volunteer work in Tahoe at Tahoe Adaptive Ski School: the volunteer work was the most transformational experience I have ever had. While seeing people who were facing disabilities and impending death try to ski or snowboard, I realized that I had a new mission in life.

I realized that my “pity party” had to end, since I was in the company of people who were amazing to me. People who were dying were going forth, and confronting their adversities. I no longer had health issues that mattered, since they paled in comparison. At that time, I started back to work with the mission that I could do more than make money. I could channel my efforts to make money, but also help those who could also benefit from my efforts. Agentspayingforward was born with the intention of making money, but, more importantly, making money for those who needed the money to continue their efforts. My goal is to help Tahoe Adaptive Ski School, since they do remarkable work.

However, I want to help other groups who also do remarkable work. Groups like Special Olympics, Shriners Hospitals, Make-A-Wish, Wounded Warrior projects, and so many other great organizations. I know there are causes that are worthy of help that I don’t know about, but they also should be helped too. Agentspayingforward is a vehicle that can help people I will never know. That doesn’t matter to me, but knowing that I can start something that will matter is a goal that I will attain. I know that making money for the sake of making money is capitalism defined, but making money and helping others is what we all should do – that way everybody can win and I love winning!

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