Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Are Your Goals?

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So, this morning I woke up at 2 AM raring to go. The only problem was that it was 2 AM, and I usually don’t wake up until 5 AM. I couldn’t sleep so I e-mailed a friend, and then I went back to sleep. Between that time and 5 I drifted in and out of sleep. I imagine I got an accumulative of about 30 minutes of sleep. And it wasn’t a deep restful sleep. When I did get up at 5, I was not rested, so I fiddled around on the computer for an hour or so, trying to convince myself that I couldn’t neglect my morning workout. A little before 7 I got on the treadmill.

After my workout, and everything else, I sat down at my computer, reviewed my goals for 2010, printed them out, and signed and dated it at the bottom. Actually, they are my goals for 2010-2015. The first column lists my five year goals, the next column lists my 1 yr. goals, and the third column lists my immediate goals.

In each column, I list my financial, physical, personal, family, spiritual, social, and career goals. One of my five year physical goals is to earn my black belt. I am only 2 ranks away, so I am confident I can make it. I am not currently studying; though, one of my 1 yr. goals is to earn my brown belt by the end of 2010. One of my 5 yr. personal goals is to become proficient in ASL. I studied ASL in college, but I moved out to Boston before I had a chance to go through the interpreter’s course. So, I am sure I can pick it up again. One of my family goals for 2010 is to spend more time with my nephew Gabriel and visit my Great Aunt Blanche in Kentucky. And since meeting those goals is built upon setting and meeting immediate goals, I made those. Of course, one of my immediate goals is to exercise every day, as well as meditate every morning, read at least 30 pages (in actual books or e-books) everyday, and smile everyday.

So, what are your goals for 2010 and beyond? Do you have any? Do you realize that at the dawn of 2000, not only did we not have Twitter and Facebook, but we also didn’t have Google? Do you realize that at the dawn of 2000, terrorism was no more than an occasional threat to national security not a reason to go to war? Do you remember that feeling of relief on the dawn of 2000 that while those computer programmers may have not added an extra space for a zero they had apparently remembered to equip the world’s computers with fail safes? This world is the world we live in because people set goals. Goals for themselves, goals for their businesses, goals for their families, and goals for the world around them.

If you haven’t set goals for 2010 and beyond, or at least 2010, I encourage to set them today. I printed mine out a little late, and honestly I already broke some of my immediate goals, but I am going to begin today.

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