Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Enjoying Greener Tables

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Blog posting from Erick Pettersen from PeopleConnect

Good afternoon,

Forgive me for getting this blog out a little later in the day than usual. The good news is that I am getting busier; the bad news is that I did not account for the extra time it would take to get that extra work done. For that, I apologizze.

Anyways, I spent this morning revising an article I submitted a couple of hours ago to the editor of SDgreenlife.com. A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed Catt Fields White about her website Greenertables.org, which rates Green restaurants based on their environmental efforts.

The more White explained how Greenertables will work, the more it seemed like Google. Just much smaller. Greenertables.org, which is in its beta stage, will encourage restaurants and restaurant suppliers to form partnerships; though, it goes a step beyond that by allowing users to get involved by making their dining selections based on those Green restaurants listed on Greenertables.org, which they can also rate. I could say more about it, and I did in the article, but I am going to encourage to go to SDgreenlife and read it on June 1.

I wanted to tell my readers about this site because most of us dine out. It’s part of our culture. We go to the theatre and dine out. We take people to restaurants on first dates or for business meetings. If you’re an American, you’ve most likely been to some sort of commercial eating establishment.

Today, I am not going to write a post about how to connect or why to connect. Instead, I am just going to encourage you to connect. Greenertables.org encourages a Greener future we can all enjoy.

Usually, you won’t see a post like this from me, so please comeback if it’s not what you were expecting. Sometimes, it might be. For this week, I wanted to share a practical way we can all start connecting with each other in a way that’s already part of our culture, while encouraging a Green future.

Also, check out SDgreenlife.com. We do Twitter and have a Facebook. I run both, so come connect, and let me know you read my blog.

Until next week keep connecting,




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