Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Three Day - A Breast Cancer Fundraiser

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Last night I was doing some work on the computer, but procrastinated by going over to Facebook. I came across a video post by Melanie Eatherton. I had not seen Melanie's post all day, and I was surprised to see it since Melanie is on the East Coast and it was late. Melanie's Post was about “The Three Day”, which is a breast cancer fundraiser affiliated with the Susan Komen For the Cure organization. I contacted Melanie, and was surprised when she responded at 1:00 AM her time (she doesn’t require much sleep apparently!). I asked Melanie if I could promote her event on my blog, and she was all for it.

It’s interesting to me how many people are affected by the ravages of breast cancer. In the last few months I’ve met people of all ages, ethnicitie's, and economic backgrounds who have been affected by breast cancer. As a man, I’m not likely (but could) to get breast cancer. However, many people thought they are too young to get breast cancer: then I met Gina Andrews. Gina was in her early thirties when she was diagnosed. Two days ago, I met Nicole McLean who just turned 40. Nicole is in the midst of fighting breast cancer. Another good friend of mine, Danielle, has a Mom who is about my age: she also has had breast cancer: breast cancer is everywhere.

In meeting the aforementioned people, I’m amazed at the people and their reactions to the disease. I don’t know why Melanie volunteered to help in the fight against breast cancer, but I’m amazed that she stepped up on Saturday morning at 1:30 when asked. Gina beat breast cancer, and decided to turn a negative into a positive: she started the Sacramento Breast Cancer Resource Center. Nicole, in the midst of fighting breast cancer, started a blog,, to help inspire others: do you think you would think of others when fighting cancer? I'm not sure I would show that kind of courage when confronting something so scary.

The aforementioned women inspire me, because they stepped up. Each of them wants to make a difference, and is not afraid to walk the walk. Please help support Melanie Eatherton with her goal to raise $2,300 for breast cancer through the The Three Day event. In addition, please help Gina Andrews and the Sacramento Breast Cancer Resource Center in her ongoing efforts to help women with breast cancer. You never know, your efforts may help save the life of somebody you know and love.

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